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Mission: Hai Moldova

Have you heard the news?

Hai Moldova is back!

On the 24th of September you are invited to join the entire Municipality of Chisinau in cleaning up the parks of the cities and villages from waste and bring them to their original beauty.

However, this time Hai Moldova is “spiced up” with additional challenge and fun. ‘Cause now you can participate in the cleanup day while playing for impact, competing with other teams, and earning achievements and bonuses. All this is possible by taking on the special mission “Ziua Curateniei Hai, Moldova” now available in the gamification platform MEGA Game: The Game with Impact – the creation of MEGA that supports the implementation of Hai Moldova.

The mission “Ziua Curateniei Hai, Moldova” allows you and your team to transform the waste collecting experience into a game, where you can compete with teams from other organizations and companies, display your team, show your results, receive experience in waste management and bonus points, and become the Most Active and Caring Cleanup Team of Hai Moldova 2016!

Mission Hai Moldova - 0


Ready to accept the challenge and take on the mission “Ziua Curateniei Hai, Moldova”?

The process is simple, as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Register

Form the cleanup team of your organization or company that will participate in Hai Moldova on the 24th of September. In your team choose the captain.

Access the main website of MEGA at and click on the button “Play Now!”. After getting to know about MEGA Game, press the button “Enter the Game”. On the Sign In page choose “Become a Green Agent”.

Mission Hai Moldova - 1

On the Registration page you as the captain of your team should register the team as Green Agents. Use your e-mail, name, surname, and date of birth for registration. Then enter the name of your team and upload the logo of your team / organization / company. When you are done, click on the button “Create Account” and then on “Go to Profile”.

Mission Hai Moldova - 2

Step 2: Accept and Accomplish

You are at the Profile page, where you see your name, logo, number of missions accomplished and achievements earned, current rank and level, missions accepted / completed so far, and rewards represented by industry experience, personal skills, and feedback. You are ready to take on the mission!

To do that, go to the Missions page and scroll down the list of available missions. Use the button “View More” to load extra missions. There you have it – the mission “Ziua Curateniei Hai, Moldova”.

Mission Hai Moldova - 3

Click on the mission. The mission screen with all the details will open. Read the description and the objectives, so that you and your team know what to do. The deadline displays the last day and time, when the mission accepts reports. The rewards show what you and your team will earn for accomplishing the mission. When you familiarize with the mission, press the button „Accept”. Now you have accepted the mission, and it is now listed in your Profile page.

Mission Hai Moldova - 4

The next thing to do is together with your cleanup team join the Hai Moldova Cleanup Day on the 24th of September and remove waste from the nearby park. A local coordinator from Hai Moldova will be at the entrance of the park to guide you to the cleanup area and give you gloves and waste bags.

You can also challenge teams from other organizations / companies by sharing the mission “Ziua Curateniei Hai, Moldova” and then seeing who collects the most waste.

Step 3: Report and Win


You have contributed to making the Municipality of Chisinau a cleaner and greener place!

Thank you!

But… who knows about your achievement?

It is time to share it! And you can do it by submitting a short report on the mission “Ziua Curateniei Hai, Moldova”. To do that, enter MEGA Game and visit your Profile page. You will see the mission in your list of Accepted missions. Click on it to open the mission screen.

Check whether you have done ore ready to do all the tasks / objectives listed by ticking each one of them. When all the tasks are ticked, the „Submit Report” button will become accessible. Press it.

Mission Hai Moldova - 5

On the Reporting page in the Assignment Report write the number of bags of waste your team succeeded in collecting on the 24th of September. Include a photo of the bags for evidence. As an Attachment add the photo of your team. And as a Comment you can write your impressions and feedback on the Hai Moldova Cleanup Day. When you are ready, click on the „Submit Report” button. And you are done!

Mission Hai Moldova - 6

We will receive your mission report along with the reports from other participating cleanup teams. Then we will approve them and give bonus points to the leading teams. You will be able to see them together with other rewards on your Profile page, as well as the rank of your team on the Leaders page.

When all the results are ready, we will announce the winner and the Most Active and Caring Cleanup Team of Hai Moldova 2016 on our website, blog, and social network pages.


MEGA best wishes!

Let’s clean and play for impact!

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  • Justyna on May 1, 2017

    Thanks for this article!
    So interesting topic. I’ve read a lot about gamification platforms. Have you ever heard about my gamification platform?

    I’m very curious of your opinion about this tool.

    • MEGA on May 2, 2017

      Hello, Justyna!

      Thank you for sharing about your GetBadges platform. Curious indeed.
      When did you start working on this?

      It looks like you use gamification for motivating existing teams in companies. This might be valuable for big companies.
      What about small startups, where team members are already motivated and driven for results? Extra motivation might be useless here, or even do harm to team bonding.
      Also, what if employees start perceiving gamification as manipulation, especially if a gamification platform is “forced” on them from the top management?
      We are interested to hear your thoughts on this from the GetBadges experience.

      MEGA best wishes, Justyna!

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