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MEGA Start


June 5, 2014


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Every change begins with small steps – this is what we think and this is what we have decided to do. Today we launch an ambitious project filled with our passion. And a lot of effort.

MEGA started from an idea that the environmental impact (positive, of course) that we can create could be much greater if we could do it for ourselves and in a fun way. If we could cease to believe that we do it as a service for society. Or future generations.

Thus we have decided to combine social and environmental actions with the idea of a game. This is how the initial concept of MEGA appeared – the concept of an on-line platform that allows people of different age (but mostly the young ones) to engage in an on-line game and accomplish different missions with real and immediate impact.

The Game with Impact, the gamified platform, will be launched soon. It will include missions on different levels for players with diverse experience and a system of special awards and bonuses. But we will describe all this a bit later.

Right now we have realized that we produce greater impact if besides the creation of on-line platform and off-line community we offer young people the opportunity for them to develop their own impact-generating ideas. Thus with a more or less simple initial concept MEGA has become a complex initiative.

Nowadays MEGA operates in a number of areas:

  • Creation of an integrated learning system for getting knowledge and experience in social and environmental impact;
  • Providing support to young entrepreneurs and “green” businesses through a number of professional services;
  • Creation of a powerful community of future change agents.

Why do we do it? Because we care. Because we do not stop at the middle. Because we believe in what we do. And this is just the beginning.

We invite you to live this experience together with us, by staying updated through our Facebook page.

P.S.: Happy World Environment Day!


We are MEGA, the social entrepreneurial organization focused on delivering services of gamification, serious game development, gamified trainings and courses, and e-learning with environmental and social value.

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