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We Wish You a MEGA Happy New Year!

We wish you a MEGA joyful New Year,
In which you do not shed a single sadness tear!
Please, even in the challenging anthropocentric age,
Stay happy and optimistic in spite of climate change!


We wish you a MEGA successful New Year,
In which you overcome your most oppressive fear!
May seeds of your work bring fruits you truly desire,
And may your changemaker spirit be always on fire!


We wish you a MEGA sustainable New Year,
In which the enchanting Nature is constantly near!
May it bring you strong health and much inspiration,
Requesting in exchange only care and conservation!


We wish you a MEGA happy New Year,
In which you share happiness with all your dear!
Please continue your eco-friendly habits to nurture,
Thus contributing to a bright and sustainable future!

Jolly Yours,

The MEGA Team

MEGA Generation

Empowering People for a Sustainable Future

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