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MEGA Recruits MEGA Leader Agents


January 18, 2016


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The innovative and internationally-focused environmental organization Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) that has been present on the Moldovan market for already 2 years recruits the new Executive Board of the organization, as well as Coordinators for its unique projects in 2016 – 2017… or, in other words, the MEGA Leader Agents.

This is a unique opportunity for you to take the lead of the fastest growing and most innovative environmental non-governmental organization in Moldova and its high-impact projects. At the same time you will develop yourself as a highly capable leader, experience active teamwork, practice using modern concepts and technologies, and create positive social and environmental impact – all that done in a playful, fun, and entertaining way.

Specific benefits of the presented opportunity are the following:

  • + Everyday experience of leading a unique organization and its projects;
  • + Working in an active, diverse, and multicultural team;
  • + Gaining skills in project management and team management on a national scale;
  • + Opportunity to implement the modern concepts of gamification, game development, eco-innovation management, eco-friendly 3D printing, and much more;
  • + Travelling to various countries in order to represent MEGA and win international social / environmental initiative competitions;
  • + Networking with amazing partners, mentors, and stakeholders in Moldova and worldwide.

Positions offered:

  • + Agent M, or MEGA CEO / President;
  • + Agent Q, or Quests & Missions Coordinator;
  • + Agent C, or Communications Coordinator;
  • + Agent F, or Finance & Grants Coordinator;
  • + MEGA Impact Championship Coordinator;
  • + Hai, Moldova! Reloaded Coordinator;
  • + BioApa Coordinator.

Specific requirements for candidates:

  • + Interest and passion for the environment and its protection;
  • + Volunteering experience in a non-profit organization of minimum 6 months;
  • + Teamwork experience of minimum 3 months (experience of leading a team is an advantage);
  • + Medium English language proficiency;
  • + Possibility to work both in the MEGA office in Chisinau and on-line;
  • + Minimum 15 hours per week dedicated to MEGA activities.

Application procedure:

The application procedure consists of several levels. In order to accomplish the first level, you are requested to do the following:

  1. Learn about MEGA at the website and read the latest Annual Report of the organization that is available at;
  2. Analyze the positions offered at MEGA and choose the one that suits you the best at;
  3. Send your CV (max. 2 pages) and a sentence of why you are the most suitable candidate for the chosen position to the e-mail address In the e-mail subject field please indicate your first and last name and the position that you are applying for (for example, „Alina Lupu, MEGA CEO”).

Deadline: 23.01.2016, 23:59.



We are MEGA, the social entrepreneurial organization focused on delivering services of gamification, serious game development, gamified trainings and courses, and e-learning with environmental and social value.

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